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September 20, 2021

Fresh Air Intake - Ultimate Vent®



All Yukon Eagle multi-fuel and wood furnaces require a fresh air intake vent.  The wood will combust properly and burn more clean when the fire has fresh combustion air brought into the room where the furnace is installed. This is a very important part of the installation of wood burning furnaces because wood needs oxygen to burn and if there is no replacement air coming into the house the oxygen will be eventually be depleted.  Once the required oxygen is gone a vacuum will result, the wood will smolder and creosote will begin to form and your furnace will not operate as efficiently as it should. 

After listening to what our customers' concerns and their reasons for not wanting to install a fresh air intake, (for example, "dust and pollen will be able to come into the house", "bugs will get in", "don't want cold air rushing into the basement or furnace room") we shopped around and found the Ultimate Vent®. This vent comes complete with a washable filter that can be used over and over again. The design of this vent will compliment the exterior of any home and is constructed to last. It is manufactured to the stringent Standards of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

 Below, we have provided examples of how a fresh air duct should be installed into the furnace room or basement. Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions on Fresh Combustion Air requirements, nationial codes and for ordering.



Part Number




Ultimate Vent® Fresh Air Intake (Includes Filter)


See examples below of typical intallations of a Fresh Air (Combustion Air) Intake.