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All Yukon's have been Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories and are either UL Listed or cUL Listed to Canadian Standards.

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September 20, 2021



Simpson DuraTech®       Call for your No Obligation quote today!

All wood/coal furnaces require either a concrete chimney that meets NFPA-211 Standards or and NFPA Listed Stainless Steel "HT" All-Fuel chimney.

Customers that choose one of our furnaces can purchase a DuraTech® chimney from us at substantial savings off retail prices.

Warm air and Return Air Plenums     Click on link to get to pricing.

All central forced air furnaces require plenums in order for the furnace to operatate properly. We build our plenums to just the right size for each of our furnaces. Making installation quick and easy.

Safety Heat Dump            $160.00 each

A safety heat dump is necessary when a conventional up-flow furnace attaches to ductwork that pushes heated air under the floor through ducts. (Such as homes without basements). This is what the heating industry refers to as counter-flow. All wood/coal fuel furnaces must allow heated air to gravity flow upwards from the furnace through the ducts and into the home in the event of an electric power or furnace fan failure. Our heat dump has a temperature control device that allows the power failure register to open into the furnace room if the temperautre in the furnace plenum becomes excessively hot. 


Manometer    $62.00 each  (Stand sold separately for $37.00)

Used to adjust barometric chimney draft damper. Solid fuel furnaces require a draft of approximately .03 inches negative pressure to the outside. When the barometric damper is allowing the chimney to draft properly, fuel efficiency is increased and creosote buildup is reduced.


Ultimate Vent® (Fresh Air Intake for Combustion Air)    $67.00 each

 All naturally drafted furnaces (furnaces with chimneys) require outside fresh air to allow the smoke and by-products of combustion of wood, coal, oil or gas to vent out the chimney. To help insure the chimney to vent properly, the air that leaves the chimney must be replaced with air from outside. Our 6-inch fresh air intake has a filter to keep bugs and dust out. Install according to our installation manual.

Honeywell Ultraviolet Air Cleaner      $259.00 

Easily installed in return air duct. Plugs into wall outlet. Emits Short-Wave ultraviolet light proven to be a highly effective germicide. Kills up to 99% of airborne and surface microorganisms like mold and bacteria.


Artis® Wind Directional Caps         Click on link to get pricing

The Artis wind directional cap is used to control downdraft issues caused by high wind situations and will pivot depending on wind direction to protect from both rain and downdraft.