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September 20, 2021


Yukon-Eagle Oil/Gas – Solid Fuel Combination Furnace
Models LWO-112 and LWG-112
Left hand shown

Even if your present Yukon-Eagle wood or multi-fuel furnace is 25 years old, we will ship any replacement part within 24 hours. Call or send an e-mail with your request.


Yukon-Eagle Oil/Gas – Solid Fuel Combination Furnace, repair parts diagram

Key No. Product No.

†Price Each

1 10110500
Fender Washer 5/16 ID x 1 in. OD (2 Req.)


2 10104900
Screw Thread Cutting Hex Washed HD 1/4 20 x 3/4 (2 Req.)


3 20106300
Tube Support Bracket
4 10105300
Nut Hex 1/4 20 (14 Req.)


5 20102200
Baffle Bracket (3 Req.)
6 20105900
Smoke Baffle (2 Req.)
7 20102640
Top Brick Retainer, Rear
8 20102650
Top Brick Retainer, Side (2 Req.)
9 10100700
Fire Brick 9 x 6 x 2 in. (7 Req.)
10 10116200

Fire Brick 12 x 6 x 2 in. (8 Req.)

11 10100900
Wood Grate, Standard (3 Req.)
12 20105100
Secondary Air Tube, LH
12 21105100 Secondary Air Tube, RH
13 10110700
Secondary Air Tube Gasket
14 20107503

Ash Pan

15 10139700
Door Latch
16 10105000
Screw, Machine Rd HD 1/4-20 x 3/4 (4 Req.)


17 20104903
Fire Door Ass'y
18 10100600 Pyrolite Pot Liner
19 20105803 Firebox (Specify Left or Right)


20 20201904 Secondary Heat Exchanger


 21  20107003  Ash Pan Latch 


22  20300603  Furnace Base  

Call for Quote 

20200700  Nut Retainer  - Top and Bottom -22 1/2", 2 Req


*   20200790  Nut Retainer - Side - 7 3/4", 2 Req.  


10103800  Gasket, Secondary Heat Exchanger, 68"  


 * 10106100  Washer 1/4-20 SAE (16 Required) 


 * 10104800  Screw, Thread Cutting Hex Washer HD 1/4-20x1", 16 Req 


 * 10103990  Ash Pan Gasket, 1/2" x 42" Thermocord  



10122400  Shaker Grate** (2 Req) 



20108400  Connecting Rod Assembly (Includes: (2) 5/16" Locknuts  


 * 10122500  Shaker Grate Frame** (2 Req) 


 25 10122900  Shaker Grate Handle** 


 * RWLX112  Replacement Base Furnace  


1090110  Firebox Complete  


** 10900200 4 x 6" Flue Brush


* 10106600 8" Barometric Draft Regulator


*Not Illustrated  ** Optional 

†Please note: Prices shown are per single unit and do not include shipping or sales tax (where applicable). Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call 1-800-358-0060 to order.


When you purchase a replacement firebox for your furnace you will automatically get a new 30-year Limited Warranty on the steel and welds!

"I have had my Yukon combo furnace since 1981 and for the first time I had to contact you for a replacement part. That part was the wooden handle for the burner door which you sent at no charge. The only thing I have ever done was oil the required components, change the air filter and have the burner serviced. The way it's going it may outlast me. There are few if any products built in 1981 that are around today and still giving good service like yours are. If it ever does wear out I'll certainly buy another one."

Dick Hunsinger
Reading, PA


"We've had a Yukon furnace in our house since we built it in 1978. It's been a life saver more than once and I would never have any other kind of furnace. We run ours on wood and fuel oil and only need one fuel fill up a year because of burning the wood. We had a new heat exchanger installed about 5 years ago. Now we need new grates. Last year we had a power outage due to an ice storm that lasted 7 days. If it wasn't for our furnace our house would have been ruined. By wedging open the damper and taking the back off, we were able to burn wood and force hot air upstairs and keep us warm. Several of our neighbors had big damage without heat. We stayed nice and warm. We were told this furnace couldn't be bought anymore, much less get part, by several furnace installers in our area. Then a friend found your web site and told us. Thank Heavens!!!! We need to know who installs these tho if we can get one right from you and where would it be shipped into. Thank you so much."

Pat Hamilton
Dundee, Ohio

"Dear Yukon-Eagle,
I purchased a log home with a Yukon Husky furnace installed in 1984. I was not familiar with this type of furnace and when I had issues with it the local heating and air conditioning man was not much help. However, when I called Yukon Eagle directly I was helped through the operation and maintenance step by step for my furnace. No matter how simple the question or how many times I called I was always greeted with kindness and a willingness to help me. I know more now thanks to Annette than I ever dreamed of knowing about my Yukon furnace. She was able to help me order the parts I needed and walk me through the installation process. Best of all I have a new 30 year warranty on my new firebox. Shipping was quick and my furnace was back up and running in no time thanks to you. My local heating and AC man wanted to replace my entire system with an oil only unit. I'm glad I didn't go that route, having the ability to use multiple fuels is a saving grace in the current economy and our unknown energy future. Once again thank you all for a great product and great customer service."

Brian J Piaquadio
La Plata, MD