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February 26, 2021

Blower / Motor and Cabinet Package
(Optional for the Big Jack and Super Jack Hi-Efficiency Wood furnace)

This Blower / Motor and Cabinet package is tailored to fit both the Big Jack and Super Jack Add-On wood furnaces. The return air opening on top of the cabinet is 18" x 8" and is duct-run ready!
Whether you are installing the furnace independently or installing it parallel to your existing furnace, this handsome cabinet can be mounted on either side or the back of the Jack furnaces. Giving you flexibility with your clearances to combustibles and the space allowance you have to work with.

This package includes a 9-1/2" X 9-1/2" Blower, a 1/4 HP Direct Drive motor, all the hardware, S-Slips, Drives and a felt lined frame that slips into the opening where the blower mounts to insure whisper quiet operation.




"We had purchased the Super Jack 125,000 BTU and does it ever put out the BTU's!! Our weather in upstate NY is cold and long. We have been heating our house with Fuel Oil and I have to say what a savings we will have now. Our house is around 2700 square feet and with our old heating source (Fuel Oil) we were always cold and conservative. Now we have lots of wood and are comfortable at 80 degrees. We really appreciate Keith who helped us with all our needs and Tech support when I had questions. These wood furnaces are A-1 in our book. Thanks Again."
Mr. Warren LaTour
Burke, NY

"I have been using the Super Jack for three seasons now and it is an awesome unit. I was consuming approximately 3000 gallons of LP gas to heat a 4000 square foot home - I am now down to about 200 gallons, and the house is 5-10 degrees warmer than we used to keep it!!!

The furnace cost and installation had a one-season payback and I estimate that I have now saved over $4,000 since installation (have my own source of wood). This was the easiest financial decision I have ever had to make and only wish I installed the Super Jack when I built our home eight years ago.
Robert Gerick
La Porte, Indiana

"I would just like to tell you how much I like my Big Jack woodstove. I have had it for 19 years, it being my sole heat source for the first 10 years or so. Winters in the U. P. of Michigan can be cold, but this unit has NEVER failed me yet. Being a heating contractor I can really appreciate the quality of this unit,especially compared to the majority of other brands out there. I know of people changing castings in their stoves 2 and 3 times as often as I replace the firebrick in mine! I will always recommend your wood furnace to anyone that is interested in heating their home with wood. These days, there are not many products that give you the kind of value you will get from a Yukon wood furnace. Thanks again."

Mr. Bruce Eickmeyer
Eickmeyer Heating & Sheet Metal