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All Yukon's have been Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories and are either UL Listed or cUL Listed to Canadian Standards.

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September 20, 2021

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oil/wood/coal or gas/wood/coal furnace

The Yukon Husky is a 112,000 BTU output whole house combination wood furnace that burns wood/coal and oil or wood/coal and gas, either natural or LP. Will heat homes up to 3,000 square feet. (Can be downsized for smaller homes.) Will handle up to 48,000 BTUs (4 tons) of air conditioning. The gas or oil burner automatically lights the wood. Comes with a Honeywell 7-day digital night setback thermostat. Humidifier or electronic air cleaner is easily added.

We encourage you to call us at 1-800-358-0060. One of our customer service personnel will help you decide which furnace best fits your requirements and answer your general or technical questions. 



"Folks, I have a Yukon-Husky wood oil furnace in my 3,000 sq. foot passive solar home, in the Adirondack Mtns. of northern New York. It has been incredibly efficient and easy to operate over the last 18 years, using only 2 cord of wood and 30 gallons of fuel oil a year to keep the house at 70 degrees or higher. I have never owned or operated a better piece of equipment. My masonry chimney is immaculate and has never been cleaned in 18 years. There can't be a simpler, easier or more efficient way to burn solid fuel. It delivers the best and greenest value for heat energy in our forested northern climate. 
The biggest problem is getting people to believe how good this product and system really is.

Steven B. Ovitt
Wevertown, NY

"I would like to add my name to your list of very satisfied customers. I have been heating 99% with wood in my Yukon Husky since 1989. I love having a gas backup, but with fuel prices escalating I am glad it only runs when we are not at home. I live in Southwest Michigan so we do occasionally get some REAL winter weather. I recently needed some advice concerning my furnace. My contact at Alpha is Keith Nelson, and he spent nearly an hour explaining how I can adjust and fine tune my furnace to make it even more efficient. Thank you Alpha and Keith. Keep up the good work."

Ed Hemple
Berrien Springs, Michigan

"I am well-pleased with the Yukon Husky furnace that I purchased from you. It doesn't use much fuel oil. Since October, we have used 180 gallons and about 3 cords of wood. It really burns the wood completely! It is quiet and we hardly notice it running."

Mr. Donald Theilig
Colby, WI