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All Yukon's have been Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories and are either UL Listed or cUL Listed to Canadian Standards.

Safe, Efficient Indoor Warm Air Furnaces!

September 20, 2021

Heat with wood and save money!




An extremely heavy-duty wood warm air add-on furnace. Add it to your present duct system. Supplied with or without blower.  75-125,000 BTU output for larger homes.

Wood warm air add-on furnaces by Yukon Eagle Furnaces



Wood warm air add-on furnaces by Yukon Eagle Furnaces


Jacks are one tough furnace. The fireboxes are made of 7-gauge (3/16 inch thick) steel. That's heavy duty. The firebox is cylindrical (round). It is near impossible for it to warp or burn out. They have an extra heavy-duty cast iron grate and are lined with 9-inch high firebrick. They are not to be compared to the lightweights from your local discount store. They cost a little more, but they don't have to be replaced every few years like the lightweights. Jack furnaces have been made since 1976. No one has ever requested a firebox replacement because it failed. 

Jacks operate on a forced draft principle. Put some kindling in, light it with a match, and turn the thermostat up. That turns on the combustion fan to get the wood burning. Then load it up and relax. It's automatic from there. The room thermostat tells the combustion fan to start when it is not warm enough and shuts it off when you're comfortable.

A fan control mounted in the sheet metal plenum above the firebox tells the circulating blower when to start and stop. All automatically.

Is the Jack efficient? You bet. The right amount of the air from the combustion fan is directed to the fire. Twenty percent of the air (called secondary air) is directed above the fire to ignite the unburned gases and smoke created by the main fire. The result is high efficiency wood burning.

Heavy 7 gauge steel lined with firebrick  Secondary heat exchanger for high heat output.  Removable ashpan for easy cleaning!


   and Optional Accessories

Product No.


†Price Each


125,000 BTU Output Add-On Wood Furnace



(Optional) 1/4 HP Direct Drive Motor / 1460 CFM Blower



Optional Blower Cabinet



Optional Plenum Package



Safety Heat Dump


†Please note: 
Prices shown are per single unit and do not include shipping or sales tax (where applicable). Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call 1-800-358-0060 to order


Construction Features

  1. Fan and Limit Control
  2. Secondary Heat Exchanger
  3. Easy Access Clean Outs
  4. Picture Frame Front
  5. Large Loading Door
  6. Positive Door Lock
  7. Forced Draft Combustion Blower for Safety
  8. Transformer/Relay
  9. Easy Access Ash Pan
  10. Combustion Air
  11. Secondary Combustion Air Chamber Improving Unit Efficiency
  12. Cast Iron Gate
  13. High Temperature Fire Brick
  14. 7 gauge Steel Construction
  15. Painted Steel Jacketing
  16. Bypass Damper for Smoke-Free Loading (SJ125 only)
  17. Honeywell FocusPro 5000 Thermostat (not shown)
  18. Optional 1460 CFM Blower/Motor with Cabinet (not shown)
Wood warm air add-on furnaces by Yukon Eagle Furnaces






"Yukon is the best furnace I've ever seen. I've had it for 15 years and no major problems. I've told a lot of other people that if you're going to buy a furnace, it's the only one to buy. You'll never regret it. Most people are too lazy to get up and feed it wood. But it's worth it. Since 1986, I've purchased only 160 gallons of fuel oil. My heating bill for last winter was zero. The furnace is so efficient, I'd rather have it 30 below than zero because it throws so much heat."

Mr. Gerald Albrecht
Newland, WI

"I have been using the Super Jack for three seasons now and it is an awesome unit. I was consuming approximately 3000 gallons of LP gas to heat a 4000 square foot home - I am now down to about 200 gallons, and the house is 5-10 degrees warmer than we used to keep it!!!

The furnace cost and installation had a one-season payback and I estimate that I have now saved over $4,000 since installation (have my own source of wood). This was the easiest financial decision I have ever had to make and only wish I installed the Super Jack when I built our home eight years ago.

Robert Gerick
La Porte, Indiana