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Your wood furnace company. Yukon sells the top indoor multi fuel and wood burning furnace appliances -Factory Direct to your home or business.
All Yukon's have been Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories and are either UL Listed or cUL Listed to Canadian Standards.

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April 30, 2017


Hot Water Bill Savings Up to 95%, with the Hot Rod Solid Fuel Water Heater.

Hot Rod Solid Fuel Water Heater by Yukon Furnaces
The Hot Rod provides an effective way to route water through the firebox or in the warm air duct (plenum) of a wood-burning furnace or stove prior to entering the primary water. It allows you to use the energy from burning wood to preheat water, reducing the primary load on your water heater... and your heating bills. Made of high temperature, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the compact Hot Rod can be inserted in areas of maximum heat through only one opening in the firebox.

 Heats at a rate of 18 gallons per hour with an 80ยบ F temperature rise.

Available in a 24" length. Can be installed by the handy homeowner or a heating contractor.