2013 - The 69th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta New Year

swiss replica watches Sydney to Hobart Sailing is one of Australia's largest sports events and has swiss replica watches a global reputation and is considered a classic in this type of event. The race is about 628 nautical miles and this is the 69th. The participating fleet follows the tradition on December 26th from Sydney, along the coast of Tasmania in New South Wales, across the Bass Strait, arriving at Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Rolex sponsored this classic off-shore event since 2002. The 69th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Sailboat is one of the most exciting events ever since. Among the ninety-four yachts, there are five 100-foot super yachts, three Volvo70 yachts, seven yachts defending the game, and numerous competitor. In addition, there are some newly established fleet is considered the game "dark horse". These teams have experienced very few events and have not even participated in any related competitions, but there are old players in it, which makes it a "threat" to other fleets. The fleet of the Sydney-Hobart regatta experienced a tough race. The race will be affected by the weather from the fourth day of the race, and the speed will be reduced to 20-25. But this did not stop the victory of the Victoire fleet led by Darryl Hodgkinson. On the morning of the fifth day, the Australian Yacht Club confirmed Victoire as the winner of the 69th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta and presented the Tattersall Trophy and Rolex watch. Record holder Wild Oats XI is still in charge this year, again won the red line champion. Missed the opportunity to win the double crown twice, but also add luster to the game. \ \ \ \ Epic course Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta was first held in 1945, from a few simple games to one of the world's largest sailing competitions. Over the years the tournament has attracted the attention of a large number of politicians, business giants, sports legends and sailing talents, the culmination of the culmination of skilled and passionate rowers. In this competition, yachts from 22 countries around the world participated in the competition, including from Germany, Britain, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus yacht and the Australian local army joined together to compete. The event has a long history and is an important part of the Australian sports and world sailing events. The first match was won by Captain John Illingworth's Rani. At that time a total of nine ships with the British boat Rani to participate in the competition. Illingworth and Rani became the two most prominent names of the tournament as the first of many international contestants to win the tournament Trophies Tattersall Cup. Other international celebrities who received trophies include Sir Edward Hoath, British politician who drove Morning Cloud in 1969, Tair Turner of American Eagle in 1972, John Kilroy, USA, and John Kilroy of 1977Kialoa II in Karl Kwok and Beau Geste from Hong Kong in 1997 And Roger Sturgeon, inventor of computer software, Rosebud (USA), recently in 2007. Since the Halvorsen Brothers Freya was won three times in the 1960s, no one succeeded in defending the Tattersall Cup. The fastest time record holder is 2005, Bob Oatley 30.48 m / 100 ft Wild Oats XI (Australia). Wild Oats XI for the second time in 2012 won three honors: breaking his own record of the game and re-record 1 day 18 hours 23 minutes 12 seconds of the new record. Wild Oats XI not only maintained the route honors also successfully defended the Tattersall Champions League, becoming the winner of the world competition. The fleet of red line champions was warmly welcomed at the port of Hobart. Among the famous winners include the 1995 champion Larry Ellison and his Sayonara, the 1967 champion Frenchman Eric Tabarlay and his Pen Duick II, as well as the 1996 champion HassoPlattner and his Morning Glory. In the last eight years of Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta, Wild Oats XI in six of the aspirations, and this year as the most popular sailing. Its another glorious history is seven times won the Victoria Morna Cup champion. The main sailor is now the Ragamuffin 100, led by Sid Fischer, the legend of Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta. 86-year-old Fischer is the 45th entry, he won the championship in 1992, and in 1988 and 1990 twice won the red line champion. Two years ago, Anthony Bell led the fleet to win Wild Oats XI in three minutes. For the vast majority of fleets, the main goal is to overcome the difficulties to win the Tattersall Cup champion. In theory, any ship is likely to be successful. The size of the championship sailboat proves this, from the 2009 40-foot Two True to the 60-foot Loki in 2011, to the 100-foot Wild Oatts in 2012. The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta is jointly organized by the Cruise Yacht Club of Australia and the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. The start of the race will be issued at 13:00 Eastern Time in Eastern Australia on December 26th, at the peak of Australia's summer and year-end festivals, the world's largest single-person sailing competition, with thousands of spectators on festivals Atmosphere on the Sydney coast, live on television and watch the game on the Internet. Organizer: Australian Yacht Club The Australian Yacht Club (CYCA) is considered one of Australia's top yacht clubs. The club was founded in 1944, starting in 1951, it is located in the Australian Gulf Rushcutter Harbor, its creation stems from the enthusiasm of the members. CYCA initially did not have a club venue, and its members would still meet regularly on the seaside side of Wales to discuss the issues related to the yacht race. In the next 69 years, CYCA developed into Australia's top yacht organization, now has 2,700 members. CYCA began planning the Sydney-Hobart Regatta in 1945. It is reported that when the British royal naval officer John Illingworth was asked whether to attend, the extremely respected maritime sailor's answer is: "If you can hold such a game I will participate." This answer But also to promote the birth of Rolex Sydney to Hobart sailing, such a game also quickly won the public attention. Although CYCA is known for its annual competition in the south, its members enjoy the club as a part of the club with excellent facilities. The club is renowned internationally and has many annual sailing programs, as well as a prestigious youth sailing school. The 69th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta Event Calendar Monday, December 24th Game presentation Wednesday, December 26th Weather briefing 13:00 The game begins Friday, December 28th The first vessels arrived at Hobart Harbor January 1 Tuesday Tasmania Royal Yacht Club (RYCT) held the final awards ceremony Rolex: the crown of the sailing Rolex supports sailing more than 50 years and is one of the most important promoters behind the top sailing events, athletes and organizations. Whether it is to support the highly competitive Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta or to maintain the traditional glory of the Rolex Super Sailing Cup, Rolex has established a special relationship with the elite of the sailing world. activity Rolex is honored to be the sponsor of three of the world's most famous offshore events: Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta, Rolex Faster Knight Regatta and Rolex Mediterranean Regatta. There are a lot of similarities between the trips of more than 600 nautical miles. The Rolex Foster Knight was founded in 1925 and the game was originally conceived by Weston Martyr, Newport-Bermuda Regatta, which took part in the 630-mile Newport-Bermuda Regatta, which was held in 1906. Rolex Foster Knight's organizers are the Royal Ocean Sailing Club, originally an annual, from 1931 to two years, the World War II race closed. Race from the British Cowes to Plymouth 608 nautical miles midway through the Irish Foster Knight reef, Rolex from 2001 to provide sponsorship. Rolex Foster Knight won the legendary status and became the inspiration for the other two famous offshore events. Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta was founded in 1945, was originally a cruise game, historical records show that in 1937 to participate in Feste Knight's British naval officer John Illingworth contributed to the establishment of this classic game, in 1945 he agreed with other people Let the event "become a game" he was involved, and ultimately they carried out a game, a legend was born. Illingworth managed the Rani sailboat to win the first Sydney to Hobart Regatta. At that time no one thought of this 628 nautical mile race will become the future of the southern hemisphere sailing competition event, enough to match the Rolex Foster Knight sailing regatta. The Australian Yacht Club organized the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta in 2002 with Rolex to establish a partnership. The 606-mile Rolex Mediterranean Sailing Regatta in the Mediterranean was founded in 1968 by Fest Knight's inspiration and started and ended the match at the same place to make it a very special event. The match began in Malta and finally sailed on Malta, ring Sicily and other islands of the sea. The two founders of the game, Jimmy White and Alan Green, have joined Foster Knight and they have expressed their desire to reproduce the challenge of distance and sailing skills here. The tournament was held once a year by the Malta Royal Yacht Club, where their cooperation with Rolex began in 2002. These three events have similar ideas, audiences and traditions. The swarming players are passionate about rowing, experienced, fearless and competitive. The athleticism, adventure, determination, courage, and exploration values ​​embodied in the competition are the differences between these offshore events and other regatta, the kind of rigorous sports temperament is Rolex respected. In addition to these off-shore competitions, Rolex is also the top brand name of the Rolex Fahl World Championships and the Rolex Super Sailing Cup. Rolex Fahr 40 World Championships also attract the best players from all over the world to participate, the highest level of standard design competition for the shipowners around the world and its team. Rolex Super Sailing Cup is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean yacht season. A large-scale fleet of quality Costa Rica-Smyrda is a large-scale fleet of quality, technologically advanced sailboats that gather in Porto Cervo, Italy, in September each year. Also in the port of Cervo there are the top Rolex Swan Cup, the game is those who want to find a rival sailor favorite. ashore Leaving the surface, Rolex awards the men and women sailors who have made outstanding achievements in the maritime world over the past year by supporting the International Sailing Federation (ISAF, the sport's regulatory body) and organizing the annual International Volkswagen Rolex World Voyager Award The Rolex also has a close relationship with the world's top yacht club, including the New York Yacht Club (US), the Royal Speedboat (British Kau Si), Costa-Smeralda Yacht Club (Porto Cervo, Italy ) And the Italian yacht club (Genoa, Italy). The world's leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex's pursuit of excellence, enjoy the sailing, tabulation and sailing on the perfect common pursuit of Rolex and sailing to promote the close cooperation.