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March 1, 2021
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How the Yukon MultiFuel Wood Furnace Works

The Yukon multi-fuel wood furnace is also referred to as a combination furnace or dual fuel. Regardless which term you prefer, they are a whole house wood burning furnace that are designed to burn more than one fuel.

Here's how they work. Our most popular multi-fuel models are the Yukon Husky (Eagle l) and the Yukon Polar (Eagle ll). They both burn either wood/coal and gas or wood/coal and oil. The burners can be switched. The burner ignites any wood in the furnace. These combination furnaces have separate combustion chambers side by side but connected. When the burner fires, it starts the wood burning. When the home gets warm, the burner shuts off and the wood takes over until it is time to add more wood. If you don't add more wood/coal, the furnace will operate as a conventional gas or oil furnace until you put more wood/coal in the firebox.  You are never without heat. The Eagle lll wood/electric and the Klondike (Eagle lV) are whole house wood burning furnaces that are hand fired.

Place logs in fire box. It takes up to 24" long logs. No need to light the fire. Automatic controls take over and the oil or gas burner will ignite the wood when heat is needed. (Note: Electric model not self-igniting.)
The thermostat automatically maintains heat levels by controlling the amount of combustion air to the wood (or coal) fire.
The two stage thermostat controls both combustion chambers at separate temperature settings you select. The oil or gas fire comes on automatically if the wood (or coal) fire will not maintain the house to the temperature you set for that fuel.
If the wood (or coal) fire dies down your home will cool to the temperature you have selected for the oil (or gas or electric heat) to kick in. The Eagle then functions as a conventional furnace until you reload it with wood (or coal).
Once the wood (or coal) is ignited by the gas or oil flame and the furnace is supplying the heat called for by the thermostat, the oil or gas burner automatically shuts off. The wood fire is then automatically controlled by the wood thermostat setting.
If you choose not to use the oil/gas burner for automatic ignition of the wood fire, you can light the Eagle with kindling as you would an ordinary fireplace.