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All Yukon's have been Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories and are either UL Listed or cUL Listed to Canadian Standards.

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September 20, 2021
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Thank you for inquiring about the
Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel forced air wood furnaces

No doubt you are looking for the best, most economical alternative to today’s high heating bills. The whole house wood burning furnace just may be your answer to these sky-high oil or gas bills, and energy independence from the heating utility.

The Yukon-Eagle Models I and II enable you to have warm air heat for your home with either wood or coal, whichever solid fuel you can obtain at little or reduced cost, while having the assurance of back-up, conventional oil or gas warm air furnace heating. (The Yukon-Eagle Model III offers the same flexibility but with back-up electric warm air furnace heating.) These combination furnaces mean that your home will be maintained at a safe, free from freeze-ups, back-up temperature setting. No damaged water system, plants, or other cold house damage.

How can all these choices be possible? It really is quite simple… the clever Yukon-Eagle engineers have employed two sets of twins. Twin fire boxes or heating chambers at the Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace in your basement and 2 Honeywell digital thermostats on your wall in the living area. Both thermostats are connected to a solid-state damper/burner control. One thermostat controls the gas or oil burner and air conditioning if you have one. It also features a 7-day programmable night setback for even more energy savings. The other thermostat controls the high efficiency wood/coal fire. If and when your wood burns down, the high efficiency gas or oil burner automatically kicks in until you put more wood or coal in. If the fire has burned out completely, the oil or gas burn automatically ignites the wood when you put more in.

When you are home to stoke the wood or coal every 6 to 12 hours (depends upon outside temperature and the type of wood or coal you have), use the wood/coal firebox and thermostat to have safe, comfortable, and best of all low cost home heating. The fact that these twin fire chambers are connected and right next to each other (conjoined twin fashion) gives you the convenience of automatic ignition of the wood fire.
If you are going to be away from your home for any length of time, and in the spring or fall when heating requirements are minimal, let the wood or coal fire burn itself out. Have the oil or gas thermostat set to kick in the oil or gas burner twin of the furnace at the temperature you desire. Two sets of two children in your home would be a handful, but the Yukon-Eagle/Honeywell two sets of twins are a heating bill and convenience windfall.
Very importantly, you can enjoy this economy and comfort with a furnace that is safe and long lasting…easily up to its 30 year limited warranty and beyond.

All Yukon-Eagle whole house wood burning furnaces are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed (approved) including approved for a single, properly sized and constructed chimney flue. Most homeowners can vent the Yukon-Eagle furnaces out of their existing chimney or flue. All Yukon-Eagle furnaces are also UL Listed (approved) as a gravity flow, wood/coal furnace as well. This gravity flow capability is crucial because in the event of a power failure you can still keep your home warm even through the blower and oil or gas burner won’t run.

The firebox is 10-gauge steel or 2-1/2 times as thick as a conventional furnace. The conventional, oil or gas warm air furnace you buy today is typically manufactured of 16- gauge steel or less than 1/16 inch thick. The lining in the wood/coal firebox is a beefy 2-inch thick firebrick for longer heat retention and firebox protection. The oil/gas firebox chamber is lined with a high temperature resistant ceramic, Pyrolite, for long life of that twin, too. The entire secondary heat exchanger, and the firebrick retainers and baffles… areas subject to corrosion… are all super durable, stainless steel (Class 304 Industrial Grade.) If you need more proof of how ruggedly made Yukon-Eagles are, note the weight of these furnaces in the brochure specifications charts. These furnaces are not junior lightweights, rather Olympic-class heavyweight, energy efficient, heating bill fighters.

When you buy and Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace you are dealing with a firm that has been building and selling these economical furnaces since 1975 with over 50,000 installations. Read the enclosed, unsolicited customer letters and you will learn about people like yourself who have been saving big money on their heating bills for 10, 15, even 20 years.

As you would expect of such a well-engineered and heavy-duty constructed product, all Yukon-Eagle furnaces come with a peace-of-mind, 30-year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship…and after years of durable, money saving service when a part needs replacing, Yukon-Eagle is there…even for furnaces made 25 years ago as you will read in the customer letters enclosed.

How much can you save on your heating bill with an Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel warm air furnace? Each homeowner’s situation is different for their cost of oil or gas, whether they have their own supply of wood or have to purchase it, and how much they will use the back-up oil or gas heating option. However, it is not unusual for Yukon-Eagle owners to report savings of 50%, 75% and even 90% on their heating bills as you learn in our customer letters.
These types of savings are possible because of the sophisticated, patented secondary, as well as primary combustion air systems built into the solid fuel firebox. Researchers during the energy starved, World War II years established that on 60-70% of the energy in wood or coal is utilized in the primary flame of the fuel. The remaining 30-40% of energy that will just go up the chimney can be captured only with a secondary source of air (oxygen) injected above the primary flames. In Yukon-Eagle’s case, this is preheated air that assures as complete burning of the previously unburned wood or coal energy as in possible.

But Yukon-Eagle hasn’t just focused on the efficiency of he wood or coal heating twin. The oil or gas burner back-up options you select to go with your furnace are state-of-the-art, high efficiency units from leading suppliers…up to 80.1% steady state efficiency. If your current oil or gas furnace is 7 to 10 years, or more years old, it is probably only 50 to 60% efficient. So whether you are using the solid furnace twin or the conventional oil or gas furnace twin at a particular time for heating your home, you can rest assured the vast majority of the heat is being captured…and not sent up the chimney and out of your wallet.

Yukon-Eagle furnaces are quiet, too. Yukon-Eagle furnaces are much quieter than most conventional furnaces because of the large oversized blower, which runs slower than most regular furnace blowers. Yukon-Eagle can accommodate air conditioning too, if warm weather cooling is important to you.

The installation of an Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace is quite similar to a conventional oil or gas furnace. It is so similar that a majority of homeowners who buy an Yukon-Eagle directly from us do some, or most, of the installation themselves. Our 64-page Installation Manual guides you, or your professional installer/heating dealer, completely through the process, and our Customer Service Department is always here to answer any questions and provide any additional help you or your installer need.

Still more questions? Read the last page of the Yukon-Eagle color pamphlet where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions I haven’t covered here.

To start enjoying the savings, convenience and comfort of an Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace today you can buy directly from us here at the factory, or through your local heating dealer and installer. If you decide you want a dealer/installer in your area to buy and/or install it for you, we recommend you have them call us with their phone number and we will call them. Many, if not most, dealer/installers today have had limited experience with multi-fuel furnaces. They may feel such a furnace is not code approved or be hesitant to install a brand of furnace they have not previously installed. As a result they may try to convince you to buy, or stay with, a conventional oil or gas heating bill guzzler.

However, once most dealer/installers learn the information we have provided you here and have had a chance to have their questions answered by our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives, we find they are enthusiastic supporters of your desire to slash heating bills with an Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace. (Some dealer/installers may know our multi-fuel furnaces by the name Yukon, which is the brand name sold to the dealer trade).

If you do buy direct and install it yourself, we ask that you have a qualified heating contractor/installer check out your installation before start-up to assure safe, comfortable, fuel-saving heating for your home. You (or your professional installer) don’t need to be intimidated by the bulk of these heavyweight heating bill fighters. We can provide instructions for partial disassembly to reduce weight and size if needed, to reach your installation location.

See the enclosed Price List and Order Blank for complete ordering and shipping information. If you want assistance in selecting the right model for you home, or want to speed up delivery by ordering with a credit card to start saving on heating bills as soon as possible, call our Customer Service Representative at 1-800-358-0060 Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, Non-Minnesota residents pay no sales tax.

Yours for Money Saving, Safe Heating,

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David Tjosvold, President

P.S. You can get the savings of the Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnaces at any time of the year you don’t have to wait for warm weather to install it. Order the furnace and bring it to your basement installation location. Have the necessary sheet metal connection fittings made up ahead of time, and then it will only take you or your installer a few hours to disconnect your present furnace and install an Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel furnace.

P.P.S. If you don’t need a back-up oil or gas heating system, the Yukon-Eagle Model IV is the money-saving option for you. All the wood/coal heating benefits of the Yukon-Eagle I, II, and III described previously are incorporated in the wood/coal only Yukon-Eagle IV. The second to the last page of the color pamphlet provides complete product specifications. If you only need a wood or coal ADD-ON furnace to your present furnace, see the separate color brochure on our money-saving, efficient Jack add-on furnace.