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September 20, 2021
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Just exactly what is a multi-fuel furnace, also referred to as a combination furnace or dual fuel furnace, how does it work and how does it differ from other types of gas or oil warm air furnaces or hot water boilers?

A Yukon-Eagle wood/oil or wood/gas multi-fuel or combination furnace is a warm air whole house wood burning furnace as opposed to a hot water boiler that requires radiators. A large blower/fan inside the furnace blows air over and around the sealed chamber (called a heat exchanger)where the heat is being produced with gas, oil, wood or coal. It transfers the heated air that radiates through the steel heat exchanger and then through the air ducts to each room in the home.  The furnace is equipped with either a Natural, LP gas, or oil burner.  The burners can be changed from one fuel to the other. The furnace has one combustion chamber that the oil or gas burner fires into. The chamber is lined with pyrolite, a high temperature material similar to the insulation on a spacecraft. Firing into this engineered chamber at temperatures near 2,000 F. assures complete combustion of oil or gas.  This chamber is open at one end and attached to the wood chamber.  The gas or oil flame as well as the gases seeping out of the wood ignites the wood. Room air, called primary air, is introduced below the cast iron grate when the damper is calling for wood/coal heat. Once the wood starts burning, 40% of the energy in the wood leaves the wood in the form of unburned gases, which includes smoke, which is unburned gas. A reduced amount of super heated fresh air (called secondary air)is introduced above the flame and ignites these gases and smoke.  The heat produced from this patented process is transferred around the massive heat exchanger that has 2 to 3 times as much heating surface as a common gas or oil  furnace.  This patented combustion theory is more efficient than any other whole house wood burning furnace concept.  We have sold over 50,000 Yukon-Eagle multi-fuel furnaces since 1976.

Two Honeywell digital thermostats control the temperature in your home. One controls the wood fire only. The other is a 7-day programmable which controls the gas or oil burner as well as air conditioning, if installed.

"I have had my Yukon combo furnace since 1981 and for the first time I had to contact you for a replacement part. That part was the wooden handle for the burner door which you sent at no charge. The only thing I have ever done was oil the required components, change the air filter and have the burner serviced. The way it's going it may outlast me. There are few if any products built in 1981 that are around today and still giving good service like yours are. If it ever does wear out I'll certainly buy another one."

Dick Hunsinger
Reading, PA


"I would like to add my name to your list of very satisfied customers. I have been heating 99% with wood in my Yukon Husky since 1989. I love having a gas backup, but with fuel prices escalating I am glad it only runs when we are not at home. I live in Southwest Michigan so we do occasionally get some REAL winter weather. I recently needed some advice concerning my furnace. My contact at Alpha is Keith Nelson, and he spent nearly an hour explaining how I can adjust and fine tune my furnace to make it even more efficient. Thank you Alpha and Keith. Keep up the good work."

Ed Hemple
Berrien Springs, Michigan