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September 20, 2021
Surviving Power Outages

Surviving Power Outages with a YUKON 
and a supply of cord wood. 

Headlines these last winters talked a lot about winter storms that caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of people across the Midwest stretching out to the East Coast and Canada. 

Late December 2013 brought on a large area ice storm that affected over 1,500,000 people in Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, Rhode Island and other states in the U.S. This storm also affected people in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. 

With this ice storm there were whole communities and large areas in states that were left without power for days on end (if not weeks in some areas) in the frigid temperatures that only seemed to continue to get colder. 

The power company line crews worked in the frigid temperatures to get power back to those communities and area that were affected. Not an easy job when they are subject to ice covered poles, falling trees and power lines right over their heads!

Many families were forced to move into make shift shelters in order to stay warm. In the mean time, without heat, their homes were freezing, which possibly got water damage from bursting pipes resulting from the cold temperatures. This becomes a very scary ordeal, particularly if there are small children to worry about.  

Some power line workers reported that if there was just a quarter of an inch more ice that formed as a result of the storm the power poles and lines would have snapped. In that case, they would have had much more damage to deal with that would take a lot longer to repair. Whole communities would have to wait even longer to get power restored.

Ice storms, blizzards and major snow events have occurred in winter months as far back as we can remember. This is not going to change. Cold weather is inevitable, particularly in the northern states along with freak storms that can affect anywhere at anytime if the conditions are right.

So, how can you protect your family and home in the event of winter power outages?

The best investment that you can make to protect your family and home in the winter time is a YUKON multi-fuel or JACK add-on furnace. As long as the furnace (multi-fuel or add-on) is installed with the ducting going up off the top of the unit (for natural rising of the heated air), and you have a supply of wood, these whole house furnaces will keep your entire home warm. Not just a room or two, but the entire house!  

The YUKON furnace products are THE ONLY forced air (central fired) multi-fuel and solid fuel (add-on wood/coal) burning furnaces that have been rigourously Tested by Underwriter's Laboratories with no electricity powering the unit. The furnaces were Tested with firewood logs, brands and coal in order to determine whether they comply with the stringent Safety Standard that they are being Tested to.

What does this mean to you?
It means that you can rest, assured that you will have heat throughout your entire home if there is a power outage and you are without electricity for any length of time. Whether it's for a day, two weeks or even a month you will be able to stay warm in the comfort of your home without risking your family member's health to toxic fumes of propane/gas heaters, bbq's, or any other product out there that emits deadly gases that people resort to in emergency situations.   

For the past 40 years, YUKON furnace products have been warming homes and saving folks tons of money on heating costs. Now is the time to take control of your heating costs and protect your family and home in the event the power goes out, gas or oil becomes unavailable, or the prices sky rocket to become unaffordable (like we saw with the price of propane) .