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September 20, 2021

Here's what YUKON-EAGLE owner's say...



"Gentlemen, Keith & Annette, 

I solemnly tell you, this is the one of the best investment I've ever made! Words cannot express how satisfied I am with my Yukon Eagle 1 furnace. It heats our entire house (3,000 Sq. Ft.) with just a few pieces of logs! My goodness, had I done my research upfront I would not have had a Carrier Furnace installed in our new home! Trust me I have spread the word to my optician, nephew, and sister-in-law and they are all planning on getting one of your product. With the ever increasing cost of heating fuel if every person who require heat for their home switch to your product would guarantee a reduction in such person heating bill! I would normally pay $5,500 per season for heat and my cost dropped to $1,000 this past season (2006-2007). I look forward to even further savings in the future. Your product is so darn easy to use. Simply load in a few logs set the thermostat and forget! I love it! Believe me I am looking forward to chopping wood in a few weeks and the kids love to drive the lawn tractor with the wagon hauling logs!

The "snow belt", that is Syracuse New York is known for bitter cold coming off the great lakes and my Yukon is ready to battle such cold! Feel free to have anyone with reservation relative to the purchase of your product call me at 315-676-2650 or 315-317-0232! Keith, I can now fully concentrate on dropping that 12 point buck next season!

Thanks again for such a great product and I am spreading the word.


P.S. I proudly showed it off to so many guests that come to our home! The word is out!"

Migell Wedderburn
Pennellville, NY

"Dear Mr. Tjosvold, 
I have owned Yukon furnaces since 1985, and have been very happy with the heat it provides to my home over the years. This past summer, I was told there was a hole in the heat exchanger and the furnace would have to be replaced. I called your business, and had the great luck of being connected to Joe Krammer. Joe was incredibly helpful and patient in helping me figure out why the furnace had failed and then deciding what parts needed replacement. He even offered to work with the installers to help with any issues they might have. 

Unfortunately, the installers did not take Joe up on his offer, and one of the grates warped this winter. I called Joe, and he had me send photos of the furnace and the grates. Through a number of telephone calls and uploaded photos, Joe and I finally figured out that the installers had not located the fan limiter properly. Joe was there when the installer came back to correct the error and actually talked to the installer to explain why the placment was improper. I am happy to report the problem has been fixed and everything is working fine. 

I really wanted to write to tell you what a fine employee you have in Joe Krammer. I imagine it can be frustrating dealing with clients who are themselves frustrated and do not understand the workings of a furnace; I was such a client. I cannot imagine anyone being kinder and more supportive than Joe was. Too often we are willing to share our discontent with the "powers that be". Today, I wanted to share my extreme pleasure with having worked with Joe. I will remain a loyal customer and share my experiences in doing business with your company whenever the topic arises. 

Thanks again for Joe.
Robin Sacks

"Hi Annette,
Thanks for all your help with the Big Jack furnace.  (I like it). Dealing with Alpha Reps was very helpful." 

David and Sherry Torgerson
Lake City, MN

"Dear  Sirs:
Enclosed find my warranty registration for my new LWO-112 Yukon furnace. It was installed this summer and is working great. This furnace replaced my old Yukon LWO-112 that was put in service 30 years ago. In those 30 years I had minimal maintenance of 1 replacement of firebrick and 1 replacement of the insert for the oil gun chamber. Yearly maintenance consisted of nozzle and air filter replacement and cleaning and oiling of the heat tubes.

A great product and I would recommend it to anyone wanting multifuel heating.
P.S. My son has installed one also 5 years ago."

Verne Petry
Pendleton, IN

Dated May 18, 2009
"Steve, I promised you some hard figures on the cost of the Big Jack. The first year as follows:

Savings on Propane 2008-2009 = $1,479.92
Cost for Installation                  = $792.56
Cost for purchased wood          = $450.00
Cost for Big Jack                     = $2,442.56

Total remaining net after 1st year's usage = $2,205.20

Projections (Assistance from propane supplier)
Projected 2009-2010 propane usage using wood: 270gal x $1.89/gal = $510.30 (I use propane early fall/late spring)

Projected average annual usage using propane: 800gal x $1.89/gal = $1,512.00 (802.1 gallons is average yearly usage from 2000-2007)

Total 2009-2010 projected annual Savings = $1,001.70 at current rate. Therefore, after discussions with the propane supplier, this complete unit should/will have itself fully paid for (All Costs) after three seasons of use. It would have been less, if I didn't have to purchase wood. I can say, I have one Huge stockpile split and being seasoned.

As you can see, $0.40/gal in market costs effects the savings by about $500.00 per year on a well insulated 1,900sf house built in 2000. Also, these projections are worst case and I expect to have the system paid for sometime during the 3rd season, but for this purpose, make it three full seasons.

 If I purchased wood at $225.00 per cord and using the six cords of wood I used this year, the heating costs compared to propane is equal to $2.09 per gallon. So paying $2.29/gal of propane as I did this year, I was saving money by purchasing wood. It was only $72.00 per month, but I was saving money. Not having to purchase the wood is where I will really make out.

Additional Testimonial Reasons:
1. I have always had a moisture problem in the home during the winter months (very high humidity). Home insulated/sealed (plastic vapor barrier) too good. I don't know if it is the wood furnace that solved this or the outside air intake that was installed for the furnace (most likely both), but the air circulation has improved as well as solving any moisture problems (no more condensation around BRAND NEW Crestline windows, which if not cleaned weekly were leading to mold growth on the plastic strips at the glass).
2. The heat in the house is a much more comfortable heat. Propane forced air is bone chilling and forced us to use blankets while relaxing. No more blankets are required. Visitors have commented about the wonderful heat as well as my family members. Note: I had to struggle with my family to purchase this unit and now these same people cannot do without. If we had a warm spell (temp. range from 37-50 degrees) I take the unit down because it would just get too warm in the house. My family was not satisfied with me doing this and compain to me until I build a fire ( I build in the evening and let it go out just to maintain the comfort heat). Note: As you can see, I did go onto propane if the temp was to stay above 37 degrees. If I used the furnace during these periods I could have saved more money, but I get a little lazy.

1. The learning curve was high. Knowing nothing about wood furnaces and building/maintain fires as well as wood quality was difficult. I could not have done this without your assistance. Remember, There are NO shortcuts, PERIOD!
2. I found it very easy to maintain a fire. Once I had a fire going, I did not want it to go out. If I did take it down (due to outside Temp.), I always cleaned the entire system no matter what. Reminder: I was using fresh cut wood at first and after three days use on a newly cut down tree, I nearly had a plug in the chimney. After about a full month with the purchased seasoned wood, there would be a build-up of about two to three days of unseasoned wood. At a minimum, I cleaned the system at least once a month, no matter if it needed it or not. It worked well for me. 
3. I found it easier to get the fire going with the inducing motor running. I would have the unit call for heat, close the slide door on the motor, start the fire, close the furnace door and then open the inducing slide door. Fire starts right up for me. If I do not use the inducing motor, it seems to want to burn itself out within 10 minutes and produce a large amount of smoke. 
4. I had my father-in-law (whom is a fabricator) build me an aluminum carring case the ash tray sets in and gets covered. Adding this unit (included in installation costs above) is a must. He made it with handles and I can carry it right through the house with out a worry about ash spills or it being too hot to handle.

Hope everything is going well. If you need anything from me, please don't hesitate to ask. I sure bugged you enough."

Thank you
Don Pearson

 Dated November 8, 2010
"Steve, I hope everything is going well with you folks. Since I feel it is important to continue with the testimonial, I picked up another $1,465.90 last season in savings. Therefore, the remaining balance I have is $796.74 (or 348 gallons of propane or about on tank fill for one cold month of heat for our home). Therefore, the whole system will have paid for itself 100% this season (About early to mid January).

Only thing I want to mention is that last year and this year I have been lazy about switching use to the wood heat. Like last year, I'm going to switch from using propane to wood this weekend or when the weather pattern changes for the season. I have been on propane so far and plan to go back to propane when the pattern gets days above 50 degrees F in early spring. I like keeping the fire going all the time, only letting it go out to clean the system (about once a week to keep ease of mind and I feel the system works best if kept clean). Also, if propane were to get around or above the $3.00 per gallon mark on the pre-buy again, I will just go to wood like my first season.

Comment: It is a good feeling knowing in about a month and a half your system will owe me nothing and will be simple savings into my pocket. It works great, is in good condition and I'm starting to get excited for the weather system to change on Thursday (for the season) and start enjoying the "good heat" as the family calls it. I also feel at ease that if  "cap & trade" is passed and the propane goes "through the roof" as I am being warned, I have an alternative to fall back on.

Thanks for everything. I wish all of you the best of luck. You guys do a wonderful job. If you need any customer recommendations or would like any additional information just let me know.

Don Pearson
Elkhorn, WI

I have been in construction for over 30 years. I currently work for a construction management firm in Allentown, PA. My background is in HVAC systems and I have installed many residential as well as commercial HVAC systems. My first exposure to a multi fuel furnace was when I installed one for my father 15 years ago. He was satisfied with the unit's performance but I noticed apparent smoke smell during the firing of the furnace. When I decided to restore my third log home four years ago I researched numerous manufacturers of multi fuel furnaces. After those reviews I made my selection of the Yukon furnace due to price, quality and projected efficiency and reliability. My furnace has been in use now for four seasons without any failures. During the first two seasons I burned a total of 110 gallons of oil. I am currently in the process of building a new log home for my daughter and when we dicussed the HVAC system for her home I told her there is only one way to go and that is Yukon!"

Scott Erney
Senior Project Manager
Alvin H. Butz, Inc.

"I received my Yukon Eagle I this year oil/coal/wood this summer, I now needed to decide on what fuel to use. Based on the current market, oil in August of 2008 was about 4.00 a gallon, so this was not going to be used. 
So now it was either wood or coal. I tried to order seasoned wood for the year, it was not available. So I ordered 3 cords of green wood at $200 per cord for next year. I then purchased a ton of coal in November for $375 a ton is = to 2.00 a gallon of oil. I just about used up the coal (Jan 2009), now oil has come down to 2.50 a gallon, so I needed a conversion process to make my decision. The link below is wonderful for this. Well since coal is = to about 2.00 a gallon of oil, coal it is. When oil becomes below 2.00 a gallon, I fill up the oil tank for future use. As you can see the Yukon Eagle Multi Fuel furnace allows me to control my heating cost that no pellet, oil, coal or single system can give you as well as even heat through out your house. It truly is the total solution.

I know not many customers on your site has been using coal from reading the testimonials. I highly recommend it, I go 12 hours on a single load, shake it (like you're sifting sand thru a screen - 20 short vigorous shakes), remove the ash, add more coal, shake again until you SEE HOT COALS in the ash pan, and your done until 12 more hours. I get no smells, no smoke, seems very clean indeed. I set the temperature to 70 degrees and it regulates it exactly there. What more can you ask for in a fuel?

The trick to the whole process for coal is to first follow the starting instructions, make sure the entire box has coal in it, coal must have air from the bottom to burn and if you do not cover the box the air will go around it. THE KEY "NOT EXPLAINED" IN THE INSTRUCTIONS IS TO PILE THE COAL ABOUT 9 INCHES DEEP IN THE BACK SLOPING TO 4 INCHES IN THE FRONT. The coal in the front will not burn well, unless it is very cold, don't worry about that, just maintain the back pile as stated above, coal likes to be piled deep, and never, never, never touch or poke the coal. When adding the coal, do not pile too much at one time, try to leave some red coals exposed. You do not need to make any adjustment to your furnace, like I've read on som web sites. Yep, it is that simple and it works the same everytime." 
Here is the link I suggest you add to your site:

Andrew Jerry
Sanbornton, NH

"I had a friend install a super jack wood burning hot air unit in my home in Candia NH six years ago after trying to heat my 2800 square foot home with a thermo pride oil unit for the first 3 heating systems. The unit has performed as advertised and testified to on the Yukon site. Prior to installation I was using approximately 1500 gallons of number two fuel to kept the house around 68 degrees in fairly new construction with low e glass, 2x6 construction and ample insulation. I now use 200-300 gallons a year for hot water and the occasional laziness of not wanting to walk down to the basement to fill the unit. The majority of the wood I cut off my own land and use between 5 and 6 cords of mostly red oak and maple. This year I had to buy wood because I fell behind due to an injury and purchased 4 cords for 500.00 to catch up. To purchase oil to supplement would have cost significantly more. I have the add on blower and occasionally since it is interconnected with the hot air furnace the unit will trigger the oil furnace blower to give the system a boost on real cold days. My house is kept between 70- 72 except at night when we let the unit slow down to make for better sleeping weather. Over all the construction is superior and the purchase has paid for itself many times over."

Stay Warm
The Michael Family


Hi steve

I would like to thank everyone at Yukon for getting my stove made and shipped out so I would have my furnace on friday and heat on saturday it feels so good to have heat ! 

Thank you so much it's nice to deal with a company that still has the personal touch.
Steve thank you for all you tech help stove is burning normal all is good.
Thank you Thank you Thank you....................Tim Nowak......MI.

Tim Nowak
Cedar Springs, MI


I received all the parts I ordered on Monday August 15th two days later on Wednesday the 17th. Having bought my Big Jack furnace back in 1981 I was a little concerned that getting parts for it would be difficult.

I live in the Catskill Mountains of New York State . Sullivan County to be exact. The winters here can be harsh. My Big Jack Wood Furnace has went through three floods. The water getting well in the burning chamber each time. The blower motor submerged, the draft inducing motor under twice.

After the first flood all I had to do was change the filter, oil the blower motor and fire it up, the second flood was more damaging, I had to replace the blower motor but it was over 20 years old at that time anyways, the third flood saw the draft inducer motor say enough but it to was 25 years old by that time.

Over the course of the last 30 years now I've replaced the burning grate three times, the fire brick intermittently here and there because my son used to be rough filling the burning chamber, and this is the first time Ive replaced the smoke chamber grates.

Once the Big Jack furnace is lit up in late October it never goes out until well into late march or early April, my house is toasty warm and I look forward to many more years service out of my furnace.

I highly recommend this furnace to anyone thinking of a hot air unit.

thank you for the fast service." 

Randy Hoag
Livingston Manor, NY

I want to tell you how pleased I am with my yukon, after arrival and inspection I was very impressed with somethings most people overlook like welds, guage of steel, proper fit of sheetmetal. Being a HVAC installer for 18 years I have not seen a more heavy duty product, I have a unlimited source of wood and a cheap fuel oil contact since we pull tanks alot, I thought this was a perfect furncae for our family. Thanks again to everyone at your factory for such a great furnace. Our whole family is enjoying the warmth of wood.

Thanks - Andy Deuster
Palmyra, WI

"Dear Steve, 
We would like to thank you for all your help to get us our new furnace so quickly. It arrived this afternoon in what appears to be fine condition. "Thanks" just doesn't cover how grateful we are to be able to have our wood heat back in what will be just about one week from purchase to installation. The installers will be here first thing Tuesday morning, and we hope to be "wood heat toasty" by Wednesday evening. 
I have spoken with three different people at your company, and all have been most courteous and helpful. It was a pleasure to refer our freinds to you, and I hope they will end up buying from you folks. I don't know of any company we have enjoyed working with as much as yours. It is all too common these days to have to deal with companies that think they are doing the customer a favor, and that is certainly not the case with you. Your courtesy is greatly appreciated!"

Thanks again. 
Sherrill Brann

I have owned the SJ125 since 1984 and use it all the time when the temperature goes below 35 degrees.  I supplement with a gas furnace during fall and spring.  This furnace is well designed and mates well with the all stainless metalbestos chimney installed at the same time.  I used to harvest my own wood taking dead and downed wood off of state land, but now I find it more managable to just have wood delivered to the driveway where I stack it for the following winter's use. 
Back to the furnace SJ125.  I am heating two geodesic domes encompassing 5500 square feet.  I have a 3 car garage below a 2nd dome added in 2004 before I retired.  During the winter, I open a 3ft. access door to the garage and this allows radiant heat from the SJ125 (installed in the 1st dome basement) to warm the 3 car garage.  When I'm puttering around on the cars and trucks I own, this basement get's to a comfortable 60 degrees making for comfortable working conditions.  I am using forced air to heat both domes off of the SJ125, it just perks along every winter without failure giving lots of BTU's of gentle warm air. 
Nothing like wood heat are the comments when folks come into the dome for a visit.  I clean the chimney monthly regardless of what I see when I look up the chimney from the basement.  Most of the time there is a fine powder attached to the walls of the stainless steel chimney,  10 minutes of chimney maintenance is worth it.  Evening news reports here in Northern Michigan there are daily reports of at least one or two chimney fires leading to total loss of the home owner's dwelling..  A shame when a little bit of maintenance would be worth a pound of cure. 
I'm sold on the SJ125, it has been a Outstanding furnace and after all these years is still made of boiler plate heavy steel." 
John Sonefeld
Ludington, MI

I purchased the Eagle heater a little over a year ago. I found it online and researched it and read everything online and what you sent me. I also called your company several times for information, you were always very helpful and never pushy. Needless to say I was still a little apprehensive spending that much money on something I had never actually touched, seen or even talked to someone who owns one. See I live in North Pole, AK and at the time no one locally owned one, sure there are lots of other kinds (outdoor boilers ect...) but none like the Eagle.

We have long winters here and very cold. Last January it never got above -45!. The whole time the Eagle heater worked perfectly! We have never been happier about any purchase than we are about this heater. I own a 2200 sq ft house and we used 6 cords of wood (and coal when it is below zero) and only 85 gallons of fuel all last year! My wife has said that it is the best thing I have ever bought and done. When you can get your wife or any woman to complement on a wood heater purchase, I think says something, yes a diamond ring, but a heater? For her to say that she loves the heater I think says it all!

It is so easy to use just load it and that's it. The kids even do it. 
Another bonus is we have no more heater wars. We used to keep the house at 65 to save money, of course when I was gone she would turn up the heat...I would turn it down...so on and so forth. But now it is always a pleasant 70.
Another benefit I found was when my old furnace would turn off, it seemed that in a matter of minutes you would feel the cold creeping back into the house (especially at -40). No blower running, no heat. Not so with the Eagle. Even when the blower is not running you are always getting a trickle of heat rising from the vents and that helps maintain a more even and consistent heat! It simply is the best purchase I have ever made in my life!

Would I buy one again? All I can say is a resounding, YES! When I buy my next home it will be on the top of my upgrade list. 

North Pole, AK

"Hi Joe and happy new year,
Just wanted to give you an update on the performance on my big jack.  Well it's doing great.  My wife is really happy that the house is at an even 74 degrees 24/7.  We're buring about a face cord per week which allows us to eliminate about 90% of our propane usage.  I purchased a burn indicator and mounted it to the front face of the fire box.  I'm maintaining between 350 to 500 degrees in the fire box which is giving me about 170-200 degrees in the supply plenum.  On average we're at an 8 hour burn cycle for around 2.5 cubic feet of wood. 
Harold Remlinger
Jon Sarkesian Architects, P.C
Royal Oak, MI

"Hi Keith, Steve and all the staff at Alpha American!

Just want to let you know that we have our new Eagle 1 installed and have had it running a few nights now. All we can say is WOW! We have not used any oil except to prime the gun. It runs so smoothly and quietly. The wood end lights so easily and keeps the house so evenly heated and the fan is so quiet. Thank-you for sharing your wood burning expertise in such a great product. It is really well built and is all that the information says.

Also, your courteous service is second to none. Thank-you Steve for taking the time on the phone to explain the workings of the furnace back in the spring and sending an information package. Thank- you Keith for so patiently showing us the furnace we need and your plant and for helping us through the purchasing process when came there in july. Thank-you Annette for your courteous and friendly handling of the credit card problems and shipping arrangements, tracing the shipment and for the refund on shipping when the furnace did not arrive with a lift gate service. That was a pleasant surprise. There are not many companies that provide such good and timely service.

You can use this note in your advertising and use my name. If anyone wants to talk to an owner of a Yukon Eagle, give them my phone number or e-mail address. If you need a rep and/or an installer in Saskatchewan, please feel free to give me a call. Again, thank-you and take care.

Fred Pomrenk
Parkside, SK Canada


"Keith, Thank you for your prompt action , without reservation, in regards to my warranty solenoid assy replacement for my Yukon Husky furnace. After 19 years of use, I firmly believe purchasing a multifuel furnace was one of my best investments. Besides my greatly reduced dependence on heating oil (250gal tank last filled 9/13/00 @$1.29/gal with 1/3 remaining) it has been a pleasure dealing with a company that remembers me by name/location considering the rarity of my requested assistance and needs. If you ever need a referral please do not hesitate to call. Good luck with your fishing, my fuel savings have supported my firearms collection."

Jim Walter 
NRA Benefactor Life member

"We have a Yukon-Husky Wood/Oil furnace since 1979 when we built our house. We have used it for 29 years. The first year we burned fuel oil and since then have only burned maybe 50 gallons of fuel oil. We have heated our entire house with wood since then. It is very efficient and has always worked great. The only parts I have ever replaced were the wood grates in the wood box and tube liner that runs to the fuel side of the furnace. I estimate we have probably ran 180-200 cords of wood through our furnace. We finally wore it out. We have now purchased another new Yukon-Eagle. We hope to enjoy it for many years to come."

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Van Sloan
Chaska, MN

"So, I've contacted Alpha American again and needed a few parts after almost 20 years. I received a great response and no waiting customer response. I received excellent service which I rate 5 star. They were very accommodating and do everything to help. I am personally at the no run around service. My special thanks to Annette O'Keeffe as she apparently knows all aspects of the job and how people want to be treated." 

"Many Thanks to Alpha American Co., 
It's been almost 20 years since I purchased a Husky (Eagle I) furnace and have had very few problems. I live in Northern NY and the winter of 1998, an ice storm brought everthing to an almost complete stop but with the wood/oil combination we were able to heat our house for approximately 10 days without electricity. We don't know where we would have been without it.  

All My Thanks To You and Your Staff
Ross M. McNamara

Folks, I have a Yukon-Husky wood oil furnace in my 3,000 sq. foot passive solar home, in the Adirondack Mtns. of northern New York. It has been incredibly efficient and easy to operate over the last 18 years, using only 2 cord of wood and 30 gallons of fuel oil a year to keep the house at 70 degrees or higher. I have never owned or operated a better piece of equipment. My masonry chimney is immaculate and has never been cleaned in 18 years. There can't be a simpler, easier or more effiecient way to burn solid fuel. It delivers the best and greenest value for heat energy in our forested northern climate. 
The biggest problem is getting people to believe how good this product and system really is.

Steven B. Ovitt
Wevertown, NY

"Just want to let you know how great your service was. I called last Wednesday about 4:00 P.M. and first thing was surprised when a real person answered the phone no going thru a series of numbers to get a real person. I told the person that I wanted to order parts they said everybody was helping other customers but somebody would call me back which was great no being on hold for who knows how long. Sure enough within fifteen minutes somebody called me back and took my order. Said it would be shipped next day UPS and it must have because I received it today in Vermont. Everything as ordered."

Thank you,
Ernest Hayes

 "Hi Joe and Happy New Year, 
Just wanted to give you an update on the performance on my big jack. Well it's doing great. My wife is really happy that the house is at an even 74 degrees 24/7. We're burning about a face cord per week which allows us to eliminate about 90% of our propane usage. I purchased a burn indicator and mounted it to the front face of the fire box. I'm maintaining between 350 to 500 degrees in the fire box which is giving me about 170-200 degrees in the supply plenum. On average we're at an 8 hour burn cycle for around 2.5 cubic feet of wood."

Harold Remlinger
Royal Oak, MI

"I just want to say how great my Super Jack is!!!! We installed one in our new home and I coudn't wait to get it hooked up. The first month was extremely cold here in Green Bay and my gas bill was over 600.00. At that time the house was still uninsulated. Once our Super Jack was installed the furnace barely ever ran, and that was only when I was late on filling it up with wood. The first utility bill we got after our Jack was installed we used 43.00 in gas, and that was keeping the house at 72 degrees, and the month was just as cold. This is by far the best purchase we have made for our new home, and probably the only one that will pay for itself. I would recommend buying a "Jack" wood furnace to anyone, new construction or existing. Excellent product. Thank you very much. 
P.S. Don't burn your construction scraps in your Jack furnace, not a good idea, just ask our local Fire Department:)"

Shane Meyer
Green Bay, WI

Hi Folks!

My name is Jay McLeod, about three weeks ago (written on June 5, 2008) I received my big jack 90 via truck way over here in Maine. I just want to say that the unit is built like a tank and I am very impressed with all aspects of the furnace. Also your people, with whom I spoke with, were very helpful and straight forward. You guys are doing it right! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to doing business again.

Hi Keith,

I just wanted to write you a note to say how happy I am with our Big Jack furnace.

I've heated with wood for 35 years but never as efficiently as with our new furnace. It keeps our home (2,200) sq. ft. in Vermont warmer than the previous wood furnace, and the electronic thermostat is amazingly accurate at keeping our home at the selected temperature.

Thank you and Joe for your help with installation. I look forward to the installation of the hot water probe so that our hot water will be provided by our Big Jack and we'll save on the propane currently used to heat our hot water.

Most Sincerely, 
Susan Underwood

Dear Keith, Steve and everyone else who helped us with our furnace purchase and installation:
Now that the installation of our Big Jack Hot Rod wood burning furnace is complete, I wanted to express my gratitude not only for a terrific, efficient, money saving product but also for all the wonderful patience and support you provided during the installation process. Despite the fact that we called you repeatedly with seemingly endless questions, you were always completely ready, willing and able to provide the answers. We will never forget the incredible customer service and in depth knowledge that you brought to the table. I would highly recommend your company and your products to everyone who wants to invest in the best goods available that are backed by impeccable product knowledge and the ultimate in customer service. 

Thank you!

Alex and Bree Gurin


I would just like to add a testimonial. I finally have my Big Jack installed. I used to have the larger Eagle. I replaced it because some idiot from a local heating supplier whom was checking it told me the firewall was not good, and could not be replaced as the company went out of business. He lied and I, for the past 7 years have sorely missed my Yukon. I replaced the burner with propane. I absolutely hate propane. It is a cold heat, and expensive. Today we fired up the Big Jack, and it is the warmest my house has been since I replaced the Eagle. I am so, so, happy. I also know I will save mucho money in the long run. Thank-you so much Yukon. Everyone in the company is so helpful, especially Keith. Thanks again.

Linda Kopina

Dear Yukon Eagle, I bought my Eagle IV about a year ago and just now got it installed. I fired it up with wood last night and I was very impressed. The heat coming from my vent into the house, was extremely hot. My propane furnace could never heat the house even close to the way the Eagle IV did. The whole house was so warm, that I have to say, this furnace went way beyond what I thought it would do. I used about 1/3 to 1/2 the wood of my Vermont Castings Defiant stove. The money I spent on the Eagle IV was well worth it, I will see a return in one year. Thank you so much for such a quality built product.

Robert J. Passoni
Westbrook, CT

A little over 25 years ago we were told we needed a new furnace. A friend of the family told us about the Yukon line of multi-fuel furnaces he had just read about. After a bit of reseach and seeing the brochures from the company, we decided to try the Husky. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! The first year we cut our fuel oil costs in half by using wood from our property, and with fuel costs ever rising, I will gladly cut wood to keep warm (and in shape). The system works incredibly well and no additional duct word was necessary, since it is all one unit we didn't need to make extra room or connect into anything. What is really nice is the fact that it heats the whole house, not just a room or two like free standing stoves or inserts in the fireplace. Another benefit is that wood is a renewable resource, so we not only save money, but we reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, and help the environment. 
After over 25 years of hard working service, and almost no maintenance, we were told we needed to replace our friend "Husky". Without hesitation, I asked our contractor to install a new Husky. I am actually looking forward to the first fire in my new "friend"

Lifelong Customer
Kurt Werner
Shiloh, IL

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the purchase of an Eagle 1 LWO-112, for our new log home 4 yrs. ago.

After finding your company on the internet, I phoned your company and was helped by Keith Nelson, who answered questions I had from purchase to installation.

The home is 1760 sq. feet with an insulated basement. The coupling of the furnace with the log home has been great, the house is toasty due to the efficiency of the furnace, and the insulation properties of the logs.
The oil tank is 330 gal., and after almost 3 complete winters we still have a little under 3/4 tank left, won't be buying oil again this year, last bought in July 2005.
I know Conn. winters are not as severe as other areas of the country, but have no doubt the furnace would handle it just fine.

I like to see the looks of surprise on peoples faces when I tell them about it, especially if they have an oil furnace. 
I am also proud of the fact that your product is made in the USA, which isn't so easy to find these days, being a quality product that is made to last.

Thank you again for a fine product, and great service.

Raymond Frechette


Interesting note: I was working on a job for a customer of mine doing a Shower door installation and I had to use the basement to cut some metal and noticed a Yukon furnace. So I asked my customer (Melissa Zecher) where they purchased the furnace and she told me this is their second one. She said the first lasted 24 years and instead of putting in a new firebox they bought a new one. They sold the old one and it is still running. The new one fit right in place of the old. You have a satisfied customer and I was able to see the furnace in action. They gave your customer service a very high rating and they couldn't say enough about the furnace.

Bob Short

"Firstly, I am glad I had an opportunity to talk to you [Keith] today about my 1978 Yukon Husky oil/wood combo furnace. For the most part my furnace has given me 28 years of almost carefree service. I have to date replaced the blower once, the oil burner once,  the grates twice and the blower motor twice. THAT'S IT! With a few cleanings a season and other simple things. Like changing filters once a month. The furnace is basically the same as when I bought it. In other words it does what it is supposed to do. 

I almost feel guilty talking to you about buying a new one cause the old one has been so reliable and still does what its meant to do today. However, it is time. 

Being in the heating and air conditioning business myself, I know to ask 28 years of service from any furnace or boiler is asking an awful lot. In most cases too much. Not with the Yukon though. 

My Yukon has more than paid for itself over the years and over the literal tons of firewood that has been run through it. Further, I can't imagine how many thousands of $$ I have saved myself in oil costs over the years.

I can honestly tell anyone that is thinking about buying one of your furnaces today, to buy it. Its just that easy. 

That's why I am back now. Does anyone out there think for one minute that if at anytime I was unhappy with your product or with the service I got (when I needed it) from your company over the past 28 years that I would be thinking about buying another furnace from you folks now? Of course not. The reliability of your product and your company's outstanding service is the key.

Finally, a product made in America of such high quality that you guys produce is a very rare thing these days and you ought to be damn proud of that."

Thank you for your time. 

Malcolm G. Conyngham

"I am sending this letter to Alpha American Company to let you know that I have been very pleased over the years with my 1985 Yukon Polar wood/oil combination furnace. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to burn wood instead of oil or gas.

Over the last 20 years I have burned about 95% wood, saving many dollars that I would have had to pay to the oil companies. It is very efficient, and the company has been very helpful the few times I have contacted them for parts. I have never needed service on this furnace, and only occasionally had to replace a part, but when I have they have provided good support and been very helpful getting me what I needed." 

Doug Hancock
Nanjemoy, MD

"I have been using the Super Jack for three seasons now and it is an awesome unit. I was consuming approximately 3000 gallons of LP gas to heat a 4000 swuare foot home - I am now down to about 200 gallons, and the house is 5-10 degrees warmer than we used to keep it!!!

The furnace cost and installation had a one-season payback and I estimate that I have now saved over $4,000 since installation (have my own source of wood). This was the easiest financial decision I have ever had to make and only wish I installed the Super Jack when I built our home eight years ago"

Robert Gerick
La Porte, Indiana

"I called your company today about buying a new wood furnace. The sales man I spoke to was Keith, I did not even get his last name. But, I wanted to inform you that he was very helpful.

I have owned a Yukon Husky for 18 years and because of air conditioning coil problems it has rusted and I need to replace it. I am very satisfied with the unit and wanted another Yukon. Being a single woman I am not very informed about heating and air. When I called Keith was very courteous and understanding with my questions. He showed patience and true professionalism. I am sure it is frustrating dealing with someone who does not know what they need, has lots of questions about why do I need this, why do I need that. He listened to my questions and tried to put into layman's terms what I wanted to know.

It was good in this day and time to find someone who was helpful, patient, kind, courteous and knowledgeable. This is a rare find in the hustle and bustle of today's world."

Thanks from a Happy Customer
Joyce Dodd

 "I have had my Yukon combo furnace since 1981 and for the first time I had to contact you for a replacement part. That part was the wooden handle for the burner door which you sent at no charge. The only thing I have ever done was oil the required components, change the air filter and have the burner serviced. The way it's going it may outlast me. There are few if any products built in 1981 that are around today and still giving good service like yours are. If it ever does wear out I'll certainly buy another one."

Dick Hunsinger
Reading, PA

 "I would like to add my name to your list of very satisfied customers. I have been heating 99% with wood in my Yukon Husky since 1989. I love having a gas backup, but with fuel prices escalating I am glad it only runs when we are not at home. I live in Southwest Michigan so we do occasionally get some REAL winter weather. I recently needed some advice concerning my furnace. My contact at Alpha is Keith Nelson, and he spent nearly an hour explaining how I can adjust and fine tune my furnace to make it even more efficient. Thank you Alpha and Keith. Keep up the good work."

Ed Hemple
Berrien Springs, Michigan

 "We've had a Yukon furnace in our house since we built it in 1978. It's been a life saver more than once and I would never have any other kind of furnace. We run ours on wood and fuel oil and only need one fuel fill up a year because of burning the wood. We had a new heat exchanger installed about 5 years ago. Now we need new grates. Last year we had a power outage due to an ice storm that lasted 7 days. If it wasn't tor our furnace our house would have been ruined. By wedging open the damper and taking the back off, we were able to burn wood and force hot air upstairs and keep us warm. Several of our neighbors had big damage without heat. We stayed nice and warm. We were told this furnace couldn't be bought anymore, much less get parts, by several furnace installers in our area. Then a friend found your web site and told us. Thank Heavens!!!! We need to know who installs these tho if we can get one right from you and where would it be shipped into. Thank you so much."

Pat Hamilton
Dundee, Ohio

 "After speaking with you [Keith] and ordering my new blower assembly last week, my furnace, and blower, have been functioning properly, without any noise. Isn't that typical? I will be glad to have the spare blower and motor to keep as a spare in case my noise problem returns during the heating season. Both my brother, who has the oil fired dual fuel furnace, and myself with the same furnace, except gas, have been so impressed with their performance for the past 8 years. The heat from wood is so much nicer than from oil or gas, and the efficiency is un-beatable. I can't even begin to imagine what we would have spent in fuel costs without the Eagle multi-fuel furnaces. I will use the same furnace in my next house without any doubt. Thanks again for your continued service and support."

Douglas Mcgahan
Bay Creek Builders, LLC

"I have had a Yukon oil/wood furnace since 1982. I have been very happy with its performance and have not spent a dime on repair. When issues developed I was led to believe that the parts were no longer available for this unit. Upon hitting the web I found your page and I was off to the races. The technical help I received was second to none and I was able to make the repairs myself. Shipping was quick also. When a part was found to be defective, a new one was sent out immediately along with a set of operating instructions for the new thermostat which went in the trash with the box. We don't get that kind of service on the east coast. Great job and thanks."

Mr. Bill Richards
Moultonboro, NH

"We have just installed a Yukon Eagle I furnace in our new home. My wife and I would like you to know how much we love this furnace unit. Everyone that visits our new home we take them in the basement and show them the furnace. The furnace is so efficient and this self starting wood side is awesome. So far we have fired up once, maybe twice a day the house stays nice and warm. Thank you so much for such a great furnace, it was worth the cost and will pay for itself in no time. We have been telling everyone about it, and will recommend to everyone."

Donald and Elisabeth Naparalla
Neshkoro, WI

"I can't thank you enough for the work you did helping me get my 22-year old Yukon Eagle back to burning wood again. My only regret is that I waited four winters after buying my home to make the switch!

Once I replaced the Versatrol controller board and solenoid; all has been working way above my expectations. I have burned wood before in"traditional" wood stove, and am amazed at how little consumption I have with my Eagle. This thing squeezes out every BTU, and with the Versatrol I'm not adjusting dampers all day long. I just load up the firebox and walk away, and let the technology do the rest!

Here are the numbers: I have 3,500 square foot house in Homer, Alaska. With oil in the furnace, I was burning 7.5 gallons a day. jWith our current prices for oil, that's $18 a day, for a bill of about $560 a month. With the switch to wood, I am burning about a cords and two-thirds of spruce (not much hardwood in this part of Alaska) a month. At local prices, that's about $160 worth of wood. To sum it up, since switching to wood I'm putting $400 a month in my pocket. The cost of the parts to get my furnace going was paid for ing the first month, and the rest in money in the bank!

You folks have a great product and you provide me with top-notch support. With that combination it's no wonder you are so successful! Thanks again!"

Mr. Bob Romanko
Homer, AK

"I would just like to tell you how much I like my Big Jack woodstove. I have had it for 19 years, it being my sole heat source for the first 10 years or so. Winters in the U.P. of Michigan can be cold, but this unit has NEVER failed me yet. Being a heating contractor I can really appreciate the quality of this unit, especially compared to the majority of other brands out there. I know of people changing castings in their stoves 2 and 3 times as often as I replace the firebrick in mine! I will always recommend your wood furnace to anyone that is interested in heating their home with wood. These days, there are not many products that give you the kind of value you will get from a Yukon wood furnace. Thanks again."

Mr. Bruce Eickmeyer
Eickmeyer Heating & Sheet Metal

"I have installed and serviced the Yukon multi fuel warm air furnaces for 18 years. I can personally attest to their efficiency and excellence in design for my home as well as in the homes of many of my customers. With my own unit in use I personally went from 34 to 18 face cord per season. I am very pleased with the Husky unit and never hesitate to recommend it to any potential customers as the ultimate choice for an efficient multi-fuel furnace."

Mr. Dale Coombs
Owner, Cornerstone Heating
McGraw, NY

"We just love our Yukon Furnace. We installed it in 1978 and have enjoyed it ever since. We burn about 4-1/2 cords of wood and 100 gallons of fuel oil during the year. We love the constant heat that wood heat gives. Maintenance of our Yukon has been minimal which is also a big plus. We would highly recommend a Yukon Furnace."

Mr. & Mrs. Russ & Betty Thompson
McGregor, MN

"My Yukon is the most reliable appliance/unit in my home. Plus it keeps me warm on the coldest days and nights. I do a complete clean in the fall and the chimney again during the January thaw. Replacing the HOT ROD once every 4 to 5 years and the firebrick once in a unit that is over 15 years old. Keith has been there each time I have called over the years and he knows his stuff. My Super Jack has paid for itself many times over. I appreciate this quality product and the people that provide service. Thank you all.

P.S. Thanks for the PC tips Keith. You were right on this too!"

Mr. Todd Brabec
New Richmond, WI

"I would like to thank Keith for his assistance over the phone in helping me replace a solenoid and circuit board on my 20 year old Husky Yukon wood/oil furnace. With his help, it was very easy to replace. Your company was very prompt in sending the parts and I am very pleased with the service I received. For your information, my furnace has been very efficient to operate. I burn, on average, between 2-3 cords of wood and 125 gal. of oil per year for a 2200 sq. ft. house. This is pretty efficient for northern Minnesota. Thanks again, I really appreciate all your help! Have a Happy New Year!"

Mr. Lou Tasa
Bemidji, MN 

"We had a Yukon Eagle when we lived in Vermont that we had hoped to take with us when we moved. But the new buyer was so impressed with it, we ended up buying a second one for our new home! Our oil bills have essentially disappeared! Our family spends a great deal of quality time together - I fell, buck and split and the kids carry and stack. It's great for them to have steady chores and has taught them responsibility and the value of hard work. Plus we love the exercise. Why pay to join a gym when you can improver your woodlot, get a great workout and heat your house for free?
As an added bonus, we're taking the kids to Israel this summer with the money we've saved on heating. Additionally, as observant Jews who do not light fires on the Sabbath, we load it in advance and let the oil kick in just enough to fire up a load of wood! Plus the customer service can't be beat. We needed a replacement part and it was on our doorstep the next day - quicker than our local heating contractor could get it here!"

Steve & Annie Simenowitz

"We had purchased the Super Jack 125,000 BTU and does it ever put out the BTU's!! Our weather in upstate NY is cold and long. We have been heating our house with Fuel Oil and I have to say what a savings we will have now. Our house is around 2700 square feet and with our old heating source (Fuel Oil) we were always cold and conservative. Now we have lots of wood and are comfortable at 80 degrees. We really appreciate Keith who helped us with all our needs and Tech support when I had questions. These wood furnaces are A-1 in our book. Thanks Again."

Mr. Warren LaTour
Burke, NY

"I'm totally satisfied with our Husky. It heats very good, is efficient, and burns clean. We purchased this 3,300 square foot house two years ago with the furnace installed. The first winter, with lots of -35 degree days, we used less than 200 gallons of oil and have yet to fill the tank. Wood has been our primary fuel. Oil was used only when we were gone or had to start wood fires. Our 500 gallon oil tank was filled two years ago and is still half full. One of my favorite features is it is so easy to ignite the wood. Just fill the firebox, turn on the oil for 10-15 minutes. The person we bought the home from built a new home and put in a Yukon Husky. We couldn't feel better about our Husky."

Mr. Cliff Broget
Webster, WI

"We recently had our Yukon furnace installed. I had researched it in 1992 before our home was built and requested one be installed in our home. Another furnace was installed, by the (unethical) builder. This furnace had many problems from the beginning, and when the fire pot that the gas fired into cracked, we could not get parts because the manufacturer had gone out of business. We are so happy with the performance of our gas, and wood Yukon, that we would recommend it to anyone looking to replace their current system. It is so efficient that a very small fire will keep the house warm. The people who I dealt with from the Alpha American Company were nothing but helpful and cooperative in every way. They even sent me a list of heating contractors in our area."

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Padrone
Honesdale, PA

"We've had our Yukon furnace ever since we built our log home 9 years ago. Originally, we were going to have an all electric home and put baseboard heat in. But after several confrontations with the utility company, we got in touch with a gentleman who, after 28 years with an oil company, was going into the heating business. He recommended a Yukon furnace. It was the best decision we ever made. It's fantastic. I've never seen anything so efficient. We burn 3 cords of wood and about 2 fills of oil a year. It's the showpiece of our home. When visitors ask how we heat such a large home, my husband takes them down to the cellar to show off our Yukon furnace."

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nichols
Haydenville, MA

"We've had our Husky for years and are very happy. Winters get pretty cold here in North Carolina and last year we burned mostly wood and no more than $150 worth of oil. Before going to bed, I fill it up with wood which generally lasts all night. If I don't get up about 5:00 AM and put more wood in, the oil comes on and it keeps going. Very convenient."

Mr. Carlton Hawkins
Arden, NC

"Before we bought the Eagle, we had an old fuel oil furnace and a barrel type wood burner. I had to make several trips a day to fire the wood burner. Also the old furnace was only about 50% efficient. It took about 900 to 1100 gallons of fuel oil to heat this home every year. Now we have a very warm home. The wood and coal unit is the most efficient we have ever seen. The fuel back up is very nice to have. When I am away, my wife uses the fuel oil part. She like it too. We are very pleased and would recommend it to anyone. Our installer also liked it. He said it was well built and the stainless steel exchanger was the best he has seen."

Mr. Billy R. Bently
Phelps, KY

"I do very much love my Yukon Klondike 140,000 BTU wood/coal furnace. It has performed perfectly over 4 years and kept me very warm and comfortable. I live in a double wide with cathedral ceilings. Before getting the furnace, the electric bills were $230 a month and I was freezing all the time. Now they are less than $55 a month. During the day I burn almost any well dried wood but at night I use 4.5" diameter oak logs for slow, long burns. During the winter of 1993-1994, we in Virginia had some - 6 temps. My furnace truly paid for itself."

Mr. Richard Turner
Phoenix, VA

"I really like the Yukon furnace. We used to own a Longwood brand furnace and there's no comparison. With separate thermostats for wood and oil, the Yukon is a very even heat. And because of its design, heat is retained much longer. I cheated last winter and burned only a little wood and the furnace was still very efficient. We live in a big old farmhouse over 100 years old and our cost for oil last winter was a little over $400."

Mr. Dick Swanson
Rush City, MN

"We've owned our Yukon furnace since 1978. One of the best features is that the oil burner fires right into the firebox so I don't have to fool around with newspapers to start a fire. I burn about 4 cords of wood and about 200 gallons of oil a year. Most oil is used in the Spring and Fall when it's not cold enough to burn wood. I've seen a number of other woodburning furnace designs that my friends have and I'm still happy with ours. I'd buy another Yukon furnace."

Mr. Steve Koeppen
Taneytown, MD

"Both of my sons own Yukon furnaces. When my youngest son built his new home, he checked out the ratings and found Yukon to be the best. And my other son liked his furnace. So naturally, I installed a wood only unit furnace when we moved here in 1990. Our primary heat is electric baseboard and we burn wood during real cold weather. It is so great. It's wonderful. A great piece of equipment. It's a different kind of heat. The humidifier puts moisture in the air. Baseboard heat is dry. Now I wish I had a combination model that would burn oil and wood."

Mr. Charles Spencer
Shipman, VA

"Yukon is the best furnace I've ever seen. I've had it for 15 years and no major problems. I've told a lot of other people that if you're going to buy a furnace, it's the only one to buy. You'll never regret it. Most people are too lazy to get up and feed it wood. But it's worth it. Since 1986, I've purchased only 160 gallons of fuel oil. My heating bill for last winter was zero. The furnace is so efficient, I'd rather have it 30 below than zero because it throws so much heat."

Mr. Gerald Albrecht
Newland, WI

"We've owned our Yukon furnace for 20 years without any maintenance problems. It does a real good job of distributing the heat and keeping our home cozy. With the large fire box, you can put all the wood in you want to. And the firebrick-lined box holds the heat as long as the fire is burning. There were years when we burned mostly wood and used only 100 gallons of fuel oil all winter. We thoroughly enjoy the convenience of being able to leave for several days and coming home to find that the heat is on and nothing is frozen.


"We have used your furnaces for 30 years with never a complaint. The first one bought in 1974. We are replacing it for our kids. Our retirement home has one in it too. Friends & relatives looked at ours and have them also."

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pekkala
Grass Range, MT

"Yukon is one heck of a furnace. I love it. What is so fantastic -- I load it up around 9 o'clock on a very cold winter evening and when I wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning.  The house, which is 2,700 square feet, is toasty warm and the wood is still burning. We've had the furnace for 7 years. I cut my own wood and our heating bills have been next to nothing. I go through about 6 cords of wood a year. The furnace is very well constructed, easy to maintain and clean. I think so highly of the furnace. I talked my brother into buying one."

Mr. Peter Czepiel
Deep River, CT

"Yes, I am very pleased with my purchase of your multi-fuel furnace. The most impressive aspect was the friendly, helpful employees of Alpha America. I had no trouble receiving the furnace at my residence, but I couldn't find anyone to help me install it. Dave put me in touch with an employee who installed them. It turned out he was a very capable private contractor. Many thanks to you Dave, and your company."

Mr. Kevin Strzynski
Saginaw, MI

"We've moved, but had the Yukon furnace for 5 years in our other home. It worked out very efficiently. Our heating oil bills averaged $300 per year and had no mechanical problems at all. From a woman's point of view, with the Yukon heating system there was no dust at all in the house. If we could have moved the furnace to our new home, we would have."

Ms. Maurine Mullings
Byron, New York

"After owning a Yukon furance since 1978, I bought another one to heat our 2,400 sq. ft. home and moved the old one to heat my garage/shop. We burned about 500 gallons of fuel oil each winter because I'm not home during the day and it runs out of wood. Also, my wife likes our home real warm. I'm very impressed with the furnace's efficient design and that you don't have to light fires, you can just run it on fuel oil until the wood catches, and when it warms up it kicks off the oil. The only problem I've had is replacing the pot liner about every 5 years. But it's not expensive. If you have anybody who would like to talk to a Yukon owner, have them call me."

Mr. Gary Baker 
Richwood, Ohio

"We've had our Yukon furnace for 8 years and its fantastic. Two winters ago was the coldest winter in 100 years and we used three-and-one-half cords of wood and only 400 gallons of oil. There's been no problems with the furnace whatsoever. The secret is building the fire according to the weather. That was, you get more even heat and less creosote build up. I put 3 to 4 sticks of wood in at a time, leave the thermostat wide open and we're as cozy as a bug in a rug. I clean the furnace twice a winter and it only takes me 15 minutes. I just love the furnace. It's the greatest thing in the world."

Mr. Tom McCurry
Belair, MD

"I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the Yukon Husky. I'm very impressed with the efficiency. There is no doubt in my fuel bill has been reduced by an easy two thirds. Last, but certainly not least, the recent follow up call I received from your staff (after purchasing the Husky) was the frosting on the cake. I'd recommend Alpha America and the Yukon Husky to anyone."

Mr. Tom Personius
Newfane, NY

"I am well-pleased with the Yukon Husky furnace that I purchased from you. It doesn't use much fuel oil. Since October, we have used 180 gallons and about 3 cords of wood. It really burns the wood completely! It is quiet and we hardly notice it running."

Mr. Donald Theilig
Colby, WI

"After having our Yukon furnace heat our log home for 8 years, we think it's fantastic. We haven't had one iota of a problem. I like the fact that I don't necessarily have to get up in the middle of the night to feed it -- I can let the oil take over. We used only $50.00 worth of oil the first year. Now I'm a little lazier and our average bill is $200 per year. As far as I'm concerned, the colder it gets, the better it works; you get an opportunity to burn your wood instead of letting it smolder. If people have wood or coal available, the Yukon furnace is a great way to heat. It's certainly the least expensive."

Mr. R. S. 
Bryans Road, MD

"Our Yukon furnace is 16 years old. Last year, I replaced the fire box/heat exchanger. For a furnace that old, for me to look at its condition and elect to put in these parts rather than replace the entire thing says something about the quality.  When I was dealing with Dave at Alpha America about replacing my fire box, he was extremely helpful. The new parts went in easily. It's a big plus for a wood burning furnace company to be in business this long and says something very positive in and of itself. So if anyone is looking for a long term investment, that's an absolute plus. I also liked the fact the furnace is compact enough to fit most plenums. You don't have to run major ductwork."

Mr. Jeff Gummo
Beech Creek, PA

"We've heated our entire 2,400 square foot home with a Yukon furnace for five years. It's a great way to save money on heat and haven't had any service problems at all. We use gas in the spring and burn wood during winter. Our cost to fuel the furnace and water heater averages only $200 per year. I particularly like the way the damper is controlled so when we put wood in at night it still has a little fire going when we get up in the morning."

Mr. Richard Emling
Tamaroa, IL

"Lisa is awesome!"

Mr. Douglas Pirila
Duluth, MN

"Add my name to the list of stisfied customers. I purchased my home in 1992 it is a custom built contemporary built in 1985 and the owner was smart enough to install your furnace when he built it.

It's 22 years old and runs great. I have replaced a few parts over the years, nothing major and it's always a pleasure to speak with your knowledgeable parts department. I have saved ton's of $$$ on fuel oil over the years by burning wood. Just wanted to say thanks guy's! your furnace is great and your service is second to none. P.S. My neighbor also has one.

M. Cordone
Colchester, CT

"Hi Lisa
My experience with you in deciding the purchase of our Yukon Eagle furnace was so easy that I am still in disbelief. My husband was sold on the unit before I even made the phone call, but you were a great help getting thru the process of the order numbers and locking in a good price. We needed to replace the 26 year old Yukon Eagle (same unit) that was in the house when we bought it 6 years ago. We love the furnace and the warmth it provides without much work, but we also needed to add air conditioning. After a few questions, I knew exactly what I needed to do to order. I have talked to many people in sales and I didn't feel pressured to buy and I felt appreciated just for calling. It felt like you were someone I had known forever and your name was mentioned quite a few time during the whole process. I knew right away I could trust your experience and knowledge. Your people are very helpful with the process after the furnace is shipped. We had questions for our contractor and ourselves and everthing was taken care of promptly. The furnace has save us tons in propane bills. We sometimes have to "heat the outside" when it gets too warm in the house. I grew up in a cold house and having this furnace is heavenly. Thank you for everything."

Angie Karg
Upper Sandusky, OH