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September 20, 2021
WOOD TRIVIAResources for Heating with Wood


While searching for an alternative source for heating your home and saving money on your heating bills, you may have looked into purchasing an outdoor boiler or wood stove. No doubt we are all looking to save money where we can in these turbulent times. With the oil and gas industries, apparently trying to keep up with production and stores, the pricing has become volatile. Not to mention the fact that the oil and gas companies are scrambling to produce other products to take the place of fossil fuels and are reducing the amount of refined oil and gas production, which may, in the future, determine the way we
use these products.
In the meantime, consumers, in general, are taking a closer look at their options for becoming more independent of the Oil and Gas Industries. One of the ways they are doing this is by using wood as an alternative method to heat their home. As a result of this surge of interest in burning wood throughout our country, there have been many new products available to burn wood. The EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and other organizations are setting up a Standard for the testing of emissions of these products.
The outdoor boiler has come into the forefront of a lot of controversy regarding air quality and respect for fellow neighbors. Not only do they consume 50 to 75 percent more wood than an indoor multi fuel or wood furnace, they produce an exorbitant amount of smoke. The smoke is the cause for many lawsuits against surrounding neighbors that are not happy with the air quality while an outdoor boiler is burning. Many states have recently adopted stringent regulations and rules for the outdoor boiler companies to abide by. Some states and local communities have banned them.
This “Wood Trivia” section on our site is set up to provide folks with information on heating your home with wood and to offer insight on the many different products that are available on the market so that when you are ready to purchase, you will be making an educated decision as to which product will suit your needs.
We have provided the following links that we found to be helpful and full of information for people that are considering heating their home with wood but are not sure what to buy.

Click Here to read some thoughtful insight from the President of Yukon-Eagle Multi-Fuel and Wood furnaces regarding the different systems that are used to heat your home with wood.

Join In on our new wood burning forum If you are not interested in registering, that's okay, you can come in to take a look at some of the discussions and frequently asked questions. We are hoping to get a great amount of information that will assist you in troubleshooting problems, common questions on installation, and tech service issues.

How your chimney really works
This information is essential for anyone who is going to burn solid fuel. This link brings you into the website for the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The topic on this page of their site tells about the different pressures of your home and taking a look at your home as a system.

Chimney Safety Institute of America
This site has a lot of homeowner resources and trade resources. Find a certified chimney professional in your location.

Free Web Directory - Add Your Link
The Little Web Directory - Find companies that offer home improvement and remodeling products.

This site is a nonprofit, non-governmental agency that has tons of information on helping you burn wood better.

Some more links that are a good source of information from WOODHEAT.ORG
A story about a wood boiler owner
Questions & Answers about wood boilers



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


If you are considering a pellet stove or corn burner, you should read this article
on Mother Earth site.

A very good write up of different types of wood burning units, heating values,
and comparing fuel costs from Professor R.L. Hunkhe and Extension Forester 
Max R. Craighead.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Services on the Preperation, Felling,  
Limbing, Bucking and Splitting of trees for firewood.